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Meet Marc

Marc Smith


Meet Marc, the visionary behind Top Job, known for his innovative ideas and forward-thinking mindset. As the 'ideas man,' Marc is constantly striving to keep Top Job at the forefront of the industry, ensuring exceptional service for clients and enabling the team to excel in their roles.

Marc's journey with the business began in 2011 when he became a stakeholder in one of Colchester's most beloved recruitment agencies. Throughout the years, he has successfully guided Top Job through challenging times, including the recession, and paved the way for a brighter future. His dedication and perseverance have been instrumental in the growth and success of the company.

Marc's passion lies in helping local companies thrive. He constantly seeks ways to improve the services offered by Top Job, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of support and guidance. By staying connected to the pulse of the community, Marc ensures that Top Job remains a trusted and valuable resource for businesses in Colchester and beyond.

Working alongside Marc is an inspiring and motivating experience. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his genuine care for clients and the team, creates a positive and collaborative work environment. Marc's leadership style encourages innovation, teamwork, and a shared vision of success.

As Top Job continues to evolve and grow, Marc remains at the forefront, driving the company towards new horizons. His unwavering dedication and passion for delivering outstanding results make him an invaluable asset the Top Job team.







Meet Corrie

Corrie Brennan

Division Manager 

Introducing Corrie, an exceptional recruitment manager who has been a valuable member of our team since 2016. With a strong background in compliance within the city's healthcare recruitment industry, Corrie brings extensive experience and insights to his role.

What truly fuels Corrie is the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on individuals' lives every day. His work allows him to connect talented individuals with opportunities that not only help them meet essential expenses but also empower them to celebrate special occasions and provide for their families. It is this sense of fulfilment that continuously motivates Corrie and drives his unwavering dedication as a recruitment manager.

Specialising in industrial clients and prospects, Corrie focuses his efforts on bolstering and optimising our temporary labour force. Through collaborative partnerships with Chloe Stephenson and Lauren Sparling, you can expect your industrial workforce to reach unprecedented levels of resilience and productivity.

With Corrie's expertise and the collective efforts of our talented team, we are committed to delivering exceptional recruitment solutions tailored to your industrial staffing needs. Together, we will ensure that your workforce thrives and achieves remarkable success.








Meet Lauren

Lauren Sparling

Senior Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant - Industrial Division 

Meet Lauren, a dedicated member of our team who works closely with Corrie and Chloe to provide exceptional support in filling permanent and temporary industrial positions. With a background in beauty therapy, Lauren sought a new daily challenge and found her calling in the world of recruitment.

Starting as a trainee, Lauren quickly progressed to handle both temporary and permanent recruitment. While she finds immense joy in connecting individuals with their dream jobs, there's a special satisfaction that comes from successfully filling challenging vacancies with the perfect candidate.

Driven by a genuine passion for matching talent with opportunities, Lauren brings her expertise to the table, ensuring that both clients and candidates find the perfect fit. With her keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of industry requirements, she strives to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Join us in experiencing the expertise and dedication that Lauren brings to our recruitment efforts. Whether you're searching for a dream job or seeking the ideal candidate for a hard-to-fill vacancy, Lauren is here to guide you every step of the way. Embrace the journey with us and let us help you achieve your recruitment goals.







Meet Jack

Jack Slater

Recruitment Consultant -  Construction Division

Introducing Jack, a valuable addition to the Top Job team, bringing with him a wealth of experience from a renowned construction recruitment consultancy based in London. With over 12 months of recruitment expertise, Jack specializes in white-collar and production roles, thriving in fast-paced environments.

Having closely collaborated with prominent building developers and main contractors in London, as well as clients in Essex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, and Cambridgeshire, Jack possesses a deep understanding of the industry landscape in these regions.

What sets Jack apart is his exceptional communication skills and his ability to establish positive relationships with both clients and candidates. He takes immense pride in sourcing life-changing opportunities for individuals, diligently matching them with workplaces that align with their skillset, qualifications, and interests.

For Jack, building trust with each client is paramount. He approaches every assignment with meticulous attention, ensuring that the selected candidate possesses the precise skill set and interests required for the job at hand. With unwavering confidence, Jack strives to deliver the perfect match, fostering long-term success for both clients and candidates.

Join us in experiencing the unparalleled dedication and expertise that Jack brings to the recruitment process. Whether you're a client searching for the ideal candidate or a candidate seeking a transformative career opportunity, trust Jack to guide you on the path to success. Let us build a partnership based on trust, precision, and shared achievements.







Meet Chloe

Chloe Innes-Smith

Recruitment Consultant - Commercial Division 

Meet Chloe, a valuable member of our team who brings a wealth of administrative experience from her previous role as a Super Admin for the NHS. Seeking a new challenge in a fast-paced environment, Chloe joined Top Job with a determination to excel and reach her full potential. Rest assured, you're in capable hands as Chloe not only possesses strong administrative skills but also gained valuable experience working for an agency.

Starting her journey with us on the Commercial desk as a resourcer, Chloe's dedication and drive have led her to become a Recruitment Consultant. We are excited to witness her continued success and growth in this role. Please note that Chloe should not be confused with our Industrial Consultant, Chloe Stephenson.

With Chloe's expertise and commitment to excellence, she is poised to deliver outstanding recruitment solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a candidate seeking new opportunities or a business in search of top talent, trust Chloe to provide exceptional service and guide you towards success.

Join us in supporting Chloe on her journey and experience the difference she can make in your recruitment endeavors. Let us work together to achieve remarkable outcomes and propel your career or business to new heights.







Meet Sophie

Sophie Kennedy

Health & Social Care Manager

Meet Sophie Kennedy, our dedicated Health and Social Care Manager at Top Job Recruitment. Sophie's journey in the healthcare sector began at the age of 18, where she found her passion for supporting individuals to live their best lives every day. Starting as a healthcare assistant, Sophie quickly realised her knack for making a difference in people's lives.

Driven by her passion, Sophie pursued further education and became a qualified Mental Health Nurse. Her commitment and expertise propelled her career forward, leading her to become a Registered Manager. In 2022, Sophie made a pivotal transition to health and social care recruitment, where she now manages bustling healthcare departments with finesse.

Sophie's approach to her role is defined by her unwavering dedication to supporting services in developing and assembling the perfect teams. She understands that the right team dynamics can profoundly impact the quality of care provided to individuals in need.

What sets Sophie apart is her innovative spirit. She thrives on brainstorming new ideas to revolutionise departmental operations and recruitment strategies, setting Top Job Recruitment apart from other agencies in the field.

For Sophie, the best part of her job is not just finding the right candidates for the positions but also devising creative solutions that drive departments forward and elevate the recruitment process to new heights. Sophie's enthusiasm, coupled with her extensive experience and expertise, makes her an invaluable asset to both our team and the healthcare professionals she serves.







Meet Chanelle

Chanelle Otte

Recruitment Assistant - Commercial Division

Chanelle has been working as a professional Manager with 10+ years experience within recruitment, training & HR. Previously providing clients with permanent and temporary recruitment solutions in various industry sectors and identify the best training for their employees. In the last few years, Chanelle has worked for an events construction company supporting them with internal recruitment for office base & construction roles, sourcing training for staff and general HR.
Chanelle's biggest personal achievement is having her beautiful son, Lenny. Which is why Top Job was a perfect fit for her to balance both her Career and being a Mum all at once.
At Top Job, Chanelle will use her experience in selecting and interviewing the best individuals for your position to verify that all applicants are suitable for submission.
In order to make sure everything goes smoothly; Chanelle will work directly with our recruitment team to schedule interviews between the candidate and the client. She will also stay in close contact with applicants along the journey to offer any guidance, clarification, or moral support they may require. By doing this, she will guarantee that the hiring process goes smoothly for the candidate and the client.
In order to ensure that all job advertisements manage expectations, Chanelle will precisely understand the requirements for the position.
Chanelle will adhere to all compliance standards to guarantee that every temporary employee is legally qualified to work for your business.







Meet Yvonne

Yvonne Modeste


Meet Yvonne, our experienced accounts manager who brings with her a wealth of knowledge from her impressive 40-year career in the financial sector. Before joining our team, Yvonne honed her skills in the hospitality sector, both in her home country of St. Lucia and at Trust House Forte in the UK, where she began her career in accounts.

At our company, Yvonne has become an invaluable asset, having been with us for a significant period. She has played a pivotal role in setting up our new accounting system and seamlessly integrating our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform into our accounts department. Yvonne's dedication to constantly seeking new ideas and improvements has been instrumental in shaping the efficiency of our internal processes and enhancing our interactions with clients and candidates.

Yvonne's enthusiasm for working with our CRM is palpable. She truly enjoys the functionality it offers and takes pride in witnessing its positive impact on our day-to-day operations. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the CRM's capabilities, Yvonne ensures that it optimally supports our team's workflow, providing enhanced services to our clients and candidates.

Her commitment to staying ahead of the curve and exploring innovative solutions makes Yvonne a valuable contributor to our company's growth and success. She consistently strives to find new ways to improve our operations and maximize the benefits we derive from our CRM.

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness that Yvonne brings to our team. With her expertise and passion for leveraging technology to streamline processes, she plays a vital role in driving our company's success. Join us as we continue to embrace new ideas and provide exceptional services to our valued clients and candidates.







Meet Hazel

Hazel Gregory

Accounts Assistant

Meet Hazel Gregory, our dedicated Accounts Assistant who will be working closely with our Account Manager, Yvonne. Hazel is your go-to person for any payroll, invoice inquiries, and other account-related questions. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for numbers, she ensures our accounts run smoothly and efficiently.

When Hazel isn't crunching numbers, she enjoys quality time at home with her husband and their four lovely children. Whether she's at work or at home, Hazel brings the same level of commitment and enthusiasm to everything she does.







Meet James

James Tye

Creative Designer

With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, James plays a crucial role in overseeing our internal and external visual communications. Since joining our team in 2019, James has been instrumental in developing our brand identity and producing a wide range of marketing materials across both print and digital platforms.

Passionate about presenting our company in the best possible light, James works closely with us on a weekly basis. From his home design studio, Achieve Creative, he brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to every project. His keen eye for design and attention to detail ensure that our visual communications are visually appealing, engaging, and effectively convey our message to candidates and businesses alike.

Whether it's designing eye-catching brochures, creating impactful social media graphics, or crafting visually stunning website elements, James consistently delivers exceptional work that elevates our brand image. He understands the importance of aligning our visual communications with our company values and objectives, and his dedication to excellence shines through in every project he undertakes.

Working in close collaboration with our team, James brings our ideas to life and transforms them into visually compelling materials. His ability to capture the essence of our brand and translate it into captivating visuals has been invaluable in building our brand presence and attracting top talent.

With James at the helm of our visual communications, we are confident that our company will continue to make a strong and lasting impression on both candidates and businesses. His expertise and passion for design are evident in every piece of work he produces, and we are proud to have him as an integral part of our team.

Discover the power of impactful visual communications with James and our dedicated team. Together, we will create compelling designs that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand to new heights. Experience the difference of working with a talented creative professional who is committed to making you look good.







Meet Jon

Jon Cook

Web Developer

Jon is an accomplished web developer based in Colchester, offering his freelance services to clients. With a remarkable 20 years of industry experience, Jon specialises in creating custom online applications and CRM systems tailored to meet specific needs.

As a trusted partner, Jon works closely with our team, playing a pivotal role in the development, maintenance, and support of Top Job's bespoke online CRM system, apps, and website. With his expertise, he ensures that our digital platforms operate seamlessly, providing a smooth and user-friendly experience for both clients and candidates.

Jon's proficiency in web development allows us to deliver a cutting-edge CRM system that streamlines our processes and enhances our efficiency. He combines his technical knowledge with a keen understanding of our requirements, resulting in robust and tailored solutions that meet our unique business needs.

Beyond his technical skills, Jon's dedication to excellence and commitment to ongoing support set him apart. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our online platforms remain up-to-date, secure, and optimised for performance. His responsive approach and prompt assistance provide us with peace of mind, knowing that our digital infrastructure is in capable hands.

With Jon as our trusted web development partner, we can focus on delivering exceptional recruitment solutions while relying on his expertise to keep our digital presence at the forefront of innovation. Collaborating closely with our team, he continues to contribute to the success and growth of Top Job.

Experience the seamless functionality and reliability of Top Job's bespoke CRM system, apps, and website, meticulously crafted and maintained by Jon. Discover how our commitment to cutting-edge technology can elevate your recruitment experience and empower your business.







Meet Bertie


Lead Generator, Barketing Manager and all round good boy

Bertie joined the Top Job team in 2020, bringing a wagging tail, boundless energy, and a heart full of love to the office. With years of experience in spreading cheer and joy, he has mastered the art of melting hearts and brightening everyone's day.

When Bertie is not busy being an office superstar, he enjoys his favorite pastimes. Nothing makes him happier than going for long walkies, chasing his beloved tennis ball with unbridled enthusiasm. He also has a penchant for napping on his back, adorably snoozing away while stealing everyone's attention. And let's not forget his dream of catching crows, forever believing that one day he will succeed.

Apart from his charming personality, Bertie has a few interesting facts that make him even more lovable. He has accomplished the remarkable feat of climbing Mount Snowdon, showcasing his adventurous spirit and love for the great outdoors. Additionally, Bertie has a flair for water activities and enjoys kayaking, splashing around with delight. And if you ever need a high five, Bertie is your go-to companion, as he can perform a high five on demand, using both his paws!

Bertie's presence in the office is a constant reminder of the joy and happiness that can be found in the little things. His boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm create a positive and uplifting atmosphere for the entire team. Bertie truly embodies the spirit of Top Job and reminds us to appreciate life's simple pleasures.

Next time you visit the office, be sure to say hello to Bertie and experience the warmth and love he brings to the Top Job family. And who knows, maybe you'll get the chance to witness his impressive high five skills in action!






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